Kingdom Value System

Kingdom Value System

What is this Kingdom we are supposed to enter and see when we meet Jesus?

The Kingdom mentoring that each of us is to receive is relationally learning all that Jesus taught. Kingdom is governmental and governmental implies there is a value system. This concept gives guidance to how we are to conduct ourselves and fully embracing this process will allow you to walk in new levels of freedom.

Christ came to do good to the world – to heal, deliver, wash, correct, and challenge. A believer believes that God intends to do His creation good. In reciprocity, we understand that our responsibility is to do God and others good. It is personally costly to do others good, but Christ has set the standard for us and invites us to follow Him.

Ask the Lord to show you His Kingdom value system and for opportunities to do others good motivated from the life of Christ in you.

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Date May 23, 2018
Author Bob Mumford