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In this humorous and insightful video series, Bob takes us through 12 progressive lessons. We learn about God’s seven hidden attributes, what God is aksing from us and understanding the difference between being a servant or a son. The sessions on “God’s Glory in the Face of Christ”and the “Incorruptible Seed” will be as impacting to you as they were to the Bible School sthudents where this series was recorded. With these sessions as the foundation, Bob leads us into an understanding of why God desires mercy rather than sacrifice, how important security, identity, and belonging are to our Christian walk and the motivation behind pride and rage. Finally we end with insight into how we can love as the Father loves and what the fullness of Christ measn in our daily walk. This is a video series you will want to show to your youth groups, Bible studies and Sunday school classes. In Bob’s typical style, he will make you laugh and cry while changing your life. Session 1: Seven Hidden Attributes Session 2: Defining Affection Session 3: Servant or Son? Session 4: God’s Glory in the Face of Christ Session 5: The Incorruptible Seed Session 6: Mercy not Sacrifice Session 7: Security, Identity, Belonging Session 8: Changing Kingdoms Session 9: Pride and Rage Session 10: God’s Reputation Session 11: Loving as Father Loves Session 12: The Fullness of God

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Date February 4, 2016
Author Bob Mumford