Matthew Twenty-Four: An Exposition by J. Marcellus Kik

This writing was first published in 1948. In light of all the “millennial madness” popular today, it is still very applicable. This writing on Matthew re-emphasizes the historic faith, i.e., that which was believed by the Church for hundreds of years. Kik, in a very clear and concise manner, examines the Scriptures surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Coming of our Lord. He interprets Scripture with Scripture, allowing the authority of the Bible in the interpretation, giving us a foundation on which to understand important prophetic portions of Jesus’ words to us. A casual reading of Kik’s interpretation of Matthew Twenty-Four may assist us in properly adapting to the pressures created by the confusing voices that are now flooding the Christian marketplace. There are alternatives to popular error which are being pressed upon us in many forms. J. Marcellus Kik provides one of these alternatives.

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Date May 22, 2015
Author Bob Mumford