No Woman’s Land by Isabelle Morgan

This manuscript is necessary and speaks to a particular need that has been essentially neglected; that of the divorced woman, with children, now alone, injured, and confused due to no particular fault of her own. The primary responsibility of the male is to forge and maintain the mystical relationship between a man and a woman: the result being security, identity, and belonging. When this responsibility assigned to the husband is refused, neglected, or injured, the damage is incalculable. We all know, even if we are not fully aware of it, that internal contradiction is a force that has the capacity to tear everything apart.

Isabelle describes the “safe place” for which she was seeking. It is through finding this relationship that heart beliefs are transformed allowing real love to seep into the broken crevices of our lives. True Love writes His name on our hearts.

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Date May 24, 2015
Author Lifechangers