Philippians in the Mirror Word

Philippians in the Mirror Word

It is both a joy and a challenge to introduce you to an innovative and fresh translation of the New Testament. It is not bound by overt doctrinal and denominational presuppositions. This renewed translation has served to enlighten and encourage us in ways that seemed to make it compulsory for us to make it known to you. With careful consideration, we have chosen Paul’s Letter to the Philippians. With great care and unusual boldness, this author, Francois du Toit who lives in South Africa, seeks to introduce us to the authentic Jesus Paul was seeking to make known to the Philippian believers.

This Plumbline promises to draw you out into a new and garden-fresh grasp of the biblical Greek and its intent to provide Father His Own inheritance. Sheer spontaneity in translation will take your breath away! It will, I promise, because you to take the risk needed to begin to see and embrace the issues as they unfold.

The Epistle of Philippians from the Mirror Bible & The Law of Three

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Date August 19, 2019
Author Bob Mumford