A Proceeding Word

Proceeding Word

That geography looking a bit familiar? Are you going around the same mountain so often you know the trees and rocks by name? This is a good sign that you need a proceeding word from the Lord!

Hearing God’s voice and going forward with every word that proceeds out of His mouth is where we want to live.

This journey is life-long and is part of the increase of his Kingdom being unending – Father is always wanting to reveal more of who He is in the earth.

When we have lost our ear to hear where God is going we have only devotional concepts, which are good and necessary, but don’t tell us where we need to place our next step.

A proceeding word is crucial for allowing Christ to mentor us and mature in the Kingdom.

Be encouraged in your journey as you grow and more intimately know His voice!

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Date September 20, 2017
Author Bob Mumford