Progress of Doctrine-Following a Living Mind

I begin with a simple yet often disregarded idea that has become an important part of my personal journey. Jesus states it sort of off-handedly, like everyone should know this. He says, “ For whoever has, to him more shall be given” (Matthew 13:12). That statement allows us to see and embrace a very important concept of spiritual growth. There lay hidden in plain sight concepts of the Kingdom that will be opened to those whose hearts are seeking and pressing into the things of the Lord.

Time is Father’s gift to the human race; it prevents everything from happening at once. Our growth allows us to see the issues more clearly. Following a living mind, the mind of Christ will bring life and progress.

The short related videos are on this same YouTube channel and sequence begins with the video titled “Not Wrong, but Inadequate – Dealing with Presuppositions.” Here is the link for the Plumbline mentioned in the video:

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Date August 8, 2019
Author Bob Mumford