promise of freedom

Promise of Freedom

Freedom isn’t magic! True liberty comes by following the only human that has ever walked in freedom. Christ is God’s idea of what a human being should be. Christ was unafraid of man and not addicted to popularity. The only human being that has been totally free in day-to-day living is the person of Jesus Christ.

We have an invitation in Christ to walk in freedom and to share this freedom with others.

What is the operative principle to walk in and maintain this gift of freedom? To continue to follow Him. Although this is a straight-forward concept, it takes a life-time to walk out as we daily choose Christ over ourselves.

Truth will set you free – this Truth isn’t a set of facts, but a person. The promise that Christ made to set you free is authentic, but it comes on His terms.

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Date July 24, 2018
Author Bob Mumford