puff vs build

Puffed Up vs Built Up Abridged—Dealing with Presuppositions #8

Knowledge, even Biblical, can puff you up! If we are not intentional in how we receive and carry information, we can easily enter a puffed up realm – where we know it all, are unable to hear new things, and beat others up in some way with our knowledge.

Being built up is an Agape response that speaks life and encourages others. When we are built up in the Holy Spirit, we are maturing and we are known of God. Father wants to know you! We get to know one another in the spiritual realm and that requires that we are built up.

Carry the knowledge you are given in such a way that builds others up. This is life-giving and honors Who God is in the earth! Enjoy the journey!

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Date January 5, 2018
Author Bob Mumford