Reciprocal Generosity – Existential Reality

This six part reciprocal generosity teaching was taught at a Lifechangers Learning Center in Georgia. Learning Centers are teaching times when Bob and Eric share out of their relationship with Father new understanding of who He is and fresh insights into the kingdom. These sessions focus on helping us transform form takers to givers as we become a whole person birthed into new things of the kingdom. The Agape/Eros paradigm is central to Kingdom perspective and allows us to be rich toward God in our everyday lives.

Session 6: Existential Reality believes that God rules and cares for us. Understanding that the law is fulfilled in one word, Agape, moves us into having proper relationship with God, ourselves, and neighbors. As Christ is working His Agape into us, the only thing He is asking from us is faithfulness.

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Date September 1, 2016
Author Bob Mumford