Road Makers

Road Makers

Preparing the way is a multi-faceted and life-long invitation from the Lord. This journey is a process of maturing in Christ where the high places are brought down, the crooked made straight, and rough made smooth. These preparations are the relational connections between each of us and with the Father, Son, and Spirit.

A key piece of the preparation process is deconstruction. Deconstruction is required before you can construct a new thing and this often comes by tribulation. Although deconstruction is required for new things to come to reality, this is not a sequential process. Construction in one area of your life will often be going on while deconstruction is occurring in another.

This progression of allowing the Lord to deconstruct and construct in the days of your life is demonstrating a willingness to trade your pearl and is a practical outplay of preparing the King’s way.

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Date November 2, 2018
Author Bob Mumford