Safe with God

Safe with God

Think on mystery—why does God use mystery?

Consider this mystery: God gives Himself to us as His creation, although He is not safe with us—Israel rebelled and fussed at God over their journey. God is rejected by His own people—He was not safe with them.

God became safe in the person of Christ because He and the Father were of One mind, purpose, and Agape. Christ wasn’t safe in the earth because the rulers of this world didn’t know who He was. In life, we are not safe because self-deception runs deep in each of us. Our safety depends on receiving Christ as the Way to the Father as we are conformed to the image of Christ.

Why is it that God the Father insists that we be conformed to the image of Christ? When we are conformed to the image of Christ, others are safe. His Son, Jesus, wants to make us safe. Safety not only implies that we are out of harm’s way, but that we have something to die for.

Be encouraged as you carry Christ in the earth making a safe place for God and others you encounter on your journey.

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Date May 16, 2018
Author Bob Mumford