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The Arena of Truth: Establishing the Borders

It is exceedingly critical for God’s people, both corporately and individually, to understand where God intends to take us. If you have ever done a jigsaw puzzle you know it is wise to first find the border pieces and set them in place. The borders give us reference and boundaries, and the picture guides us toward our goal.

The Father has called us toward goals that He is instituting through Christ. Though we yield. cooperate, and obey, these are his handiwork. They are apprehended over the course of a lifetime. His itinerary is customized for us individually. Like it or not, we are all in the arena of truth: a symbol of a certain amount of conflict. As we begin to comprehend an embrace truth, we begin to flow, cooperate, and enjoy the journey.

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Date July 13, 2023
Author Bob Mumford