The Great Surprise

The Great Surprise

God was in Christ reconciling Himself to the world –

God as a Father rules creation sovereignly, and this gets Him in “trouble,” but there is another word – the Kingdom word of providential.

The Kingdom offer is to know God not as a sovereign, but to relate to Him in a providential manner. This is Christ’s example for us to follow and know Father. Seeing and walking in this reality will change your life forever!

We make a journey to be part of His family which leads us to surrender our own sovereignty to embrace His.

The great surprise is the realization that God wants to be our Father! We begin to realize the following –

I love Him more than I love myself.

I love Him more than the opinion of people.

I love Him more than my own life.

We learn how to be authentic sons and daughters as we know God providentially!

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Date October 20, 2017
Author Bob Mumford