The Rich Young Ruler

Jesus tells three stories—the rich young ruler, the vineyard keeper, and the parable of the single eye—that give us insight into how He deals with our motives in order to bring us into spiritual reality. As the Lord deals in these three incidents, we’re going to notice how quickly He sweeps away the outer layer that every one of us build. He’s always sorting out our motives—why we do the things we do.

There are three motives that are a little bit like a stair step. First, there’s fear, then hope, and third, love. The basic element of fear is what we might lose, the basic element of hope is what we might gain, and the basic element of love is what we might give.

DeVern takes us through these stories beautifully explaining how Jesus wants us to move from centering on ourselves to attending to others.

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Date April 21, 2015
Author Lifechangers