Things that Matter: Bringing Heaven to Earth

Transition is different than change. Since the reformation, churches have gone through many changes, but their essential form and nature have stayed the same. I believe we now stand at a threshold, a transition. We are going to be faced with changes that cannot be avoided. They will demand critical decisions and spiritual maturity. How do we prepare? How must we adapt as we stand at this threshold? How will we know the difference between needed changes and biblical compromise?

Being birthed into a new perspective is not easy, but it is essential if we are to grow and embrace the future with strength and clarity. The pain and pressure cause us to re-examine our foundational belief systems. We must be willing to let go of that which is passing away while we embrace the new threshold.  Will we embrace that is more organic and relational? Will we embrace a Kingdom that more adequately expresses Father’s purposes in the earth?

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     What we believe about the purposes of God governs how we see and respond to the future. It is clear from the New Testament that we have been given the authority and the power to carry the message and mission of Jesus into all the world. The work of the cross was to bring Heaven and Earth back together.

     The incarnation of Christ in us is the goodness of the Kingdom manifesting through us. It is intentional. It is normal. This is how the Kingdom works. We need to be about the business of bringing heaven back to earth.

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Date May 2, 2022
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