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Three Human Needs—Take One

When you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made! In the search for authenticity, there is a deep heart cry for something real away from false sincerity and superficiality. Bob uses Christ’s temptation to share with us some insight into cultivating authenticity in some new way.

Christ refused to use who He was and what He had to get His needs met illegally. Turning the stones into bread would have been an illegal move to supply His own need. If we live by our senses, we use any- and everything around us to meet our needs, including money, people, things, religion, and God.

The second need Bob addresses is getting recognition illegally. Drawing attention by the externals we use to define ourselves is often a twisted and perverted sense of recognition. This is made clear in Christ’s example to dance on the temple roof.

The final need that Christ addressed in the third temptation is control. In Christ’s response, we have the example and invitation to be who God made us to be without additional drama and illegal desires being awakened.

Hearing and seeing Jesus’ responses to these three situations gives us a standard for our own lives and is an unbelievable gift to us!

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Date March 19, 2018
Author Bob Mumford