Unmet Needs

Three Unmet Needs

Bob shares from a vulnerable place about deep spiritual needs that are sometimes difficult to put words to . The three areas Bob addresses are:

1.) Unrecognized human need
2.) Need to be seen/known
3.) Need to control

Addressing these needs in appropriate ways throughout our lives is an important part of our maturing in the Kingdom of God. These needs are met and fulfilled in the realms of security, identity, and belonging in Father God through Christ by the Holy Spirit.

On the journey of life, we find out to whom do we belong and what our purpose is. We can find relationally illegal ways to answer these questions with self-deception, but God had made a Way through in the person of Christ.

Please consider opening your world to God the Father – He carries security, identity, and belonging in a complete way you cannot find anywhere else. Putting yourself in Father’s hands, He will meet unmet needs in ways we cannot imagine.

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Date August 22, 2018
Author Bob Mumford