Which Mountain

Which Mountain

5 husbands and worshipping on the wrong mountain? Would she be in your friend group or welcome in your church?

Knowing God in a relational way can often fly in the face of a transactional way of knowing. Bob shares some responses we may feel as we deal with failures that on the surface may seem to be relational, but at the root are transactional.

The woman at the well is a beautiful example of relationally knowing a person. Jesus engaged with her right where she was – unaffected by all the reasons he “shouldn’t” speak to or know her. He could see through to her as a person and speak directly to her and her life journey.

Allow Father, Son, and Spirit to show you how to live a more relationally engaged life and for the inappropriate transactional responses to be broken off.

Be encouraged knowing that we are each making this journey into Father’s joy!

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Date June 27, 2017
Author Bob Mumford