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Wisdom as a World View

The generations: old, young, and those in between, regard wisdom as a key piece of navigating the world around them. Wisdom causes us to have a world-view that helps us know who we are and where we want to go.

Wisdom can preserve us from making wrong choices if we have ears to hear. Bob compares two types of wisdom – one that is earthly, sensual, and demonic and one that is Godly, eternal, and spiritual.

Earthly wisdom starts and ends in the earth. The sensual component is something that is observed and known with the five senses. The deception of the senses is very real. Demonic refers to the true evil that is in the earth, not only human failure.

When a Godly world view reigns, it pushes whole societies into peace and prosperity and moves toward light! The two world views often exist in some measure of mixture and must be separated in order to see clearly the realities of each.

Walking with a Godly world view will lead you into freedom in all areas of your life. Ask the Lord to show you the mixture of these world views in your own person so you can experience the gift of greater freedom in Christ.

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Date February 16, 2018
Author Bob Mumford