Wisdom Session 8 video

Widsom Session 8-Three Words that Generate Wisdom video by Bob Mumford

Bob shares three words that can be difficult to incorporate into daily life, but are necessary as we make a journey to maturity. These words are:


How you respond to the difficulty of these situations are a portion of what generates wisdom. Wrestling with these are a crucial part of what life will ask of you. Responding to contradiction, challenge, and confusion can cause your emotions to take over if you allow them to rule you.

Three responses that will grow in you as you give yourself to the learning process are the ability to:
1.) Recognize what is happening
2.) Return to the living room (wisdom video session 4)
3.) Refuse the emotional urge to be right

When you are in confusion and everything is swirling, enter a period of rest and let things settle. Don’t respond from an emotional place when facing these three. Ask the Lord for wisdom and counsel as you navigate life’s pressures.

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Date April 22, 2019
Author Bob Mumford