In this season of giving thanks, we want to give you an update from Uganda. We have much to be thankful for as we look at all the Lord has entrusted us with to steward together. We are witnesses to His creative joy as we see the way He meets us and draws us to Himself. Following is an update from Janusz and Vicky Kokot in Uganda.

Last Tuesday one of the leaders from KIC (Kampala International Church) came to visit us at the house. KIC is where we go to church with the children. He was accompanied by some guests they are hosting, one of which has a prophetic gifting. Together we prayed around the house for more than 4 hours. We also prayed with the kids and anointed them with oil. Five of them made public announcements that Jesus was their Savior.

The following day I (Vicky) was extremely sick, we felt that this was a spiritual backlash, even though we had prayed against this. Some of the kids complained of headaches, but nothing serious. We continue to know the Lord’s faithfulness as we seek Him for each of these lives we are stewarding.

Since then, our friends from KIC have met on several occasions several with the youth and had significant times with them and on Saturday, we prayed for several of the kids to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Eva commented that it was the best day of her life!

Bosco has been taking the kids to the youth groups, and they have all had meaningful experiences with the Lord. Some of the leadership prayed for Bosco and he later returned with his friends asking to receive prayer for them as well!

Yesterday (Sunday) we had a baptism service at church. Ten people were baptised. However at the end the pastor felt he should open up the invitation for anyone who wanted to spontaneously get baptised. Samuel went forward, followed by Savanna, Jenneth and then Mark!

We are excited about these things that are happening and we are so very thankful for the leadership of KIC. They feel like family. They are being so very supportive to the whole Father’s House family.

We would love for you to meet the Kokots and everyone else at the house! We have created two videos on the Lifechangers YouTube channel so you can get to know them a bit and hear their hearts. The Lifechangers channel name is Lifechangers72. Please contact us (931-520-3730) here at the office if we can help you access these videos.

Excited and thankful to make this Kingdom journey with you,

Lifechangers Board and Staff

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